Friday, February 11, 2011


Back to school after SJS can be very difficult for a child who's life has forever changed from
Stevens-Johnson Syndrome.
Many of our children are left with life long side-effects including low vision or blindness. How do
they fit back into the school system?

Contact the principal of your child's school and tell them you would like to arrange for
an IEP (Individual Education Plan). This is a legal document that the schools must adhere
to. It will protect your child's rights and provide them with needed support in the classroom.

TVI (Teachers of the visually impaired) are employed by the school district. They will provide
your child with adaptive electronic equipment, lap top with zoom text or jaws, these are
programs to aid your child in reading. Raised lined paper and braille services are also available
as well as mobility lessons.

Be sure to include in the IEP that your child may wear sunglasses, a hat and use eye-drops throughout
the day. 
 Below is a link to more IEP information

If your child's medical condition is not considered a disability that warrants and IEP you can
then request a 504 plan. This is for children with ongoing medical conditions. This too will
protect your child's rights. Children that recover from SJS typically suffer more colds and illnesses
requiring them to lose school. Chronic fatigue syndrome is also a side-effect. Speak with the school officials about these very important subjects to protect your child and yourself against truancy charges for excessive absences.

Information about 504 plan

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